Sales & Operations Planning Optimal S&OP comes with Mathematical Optimization Platform.
Introducing Optimal S&OP Supply Chain Optimization Concurrent Planning Solution

Sales & Operations
S&OP Mathematical Optimization Platform.

Achieve Agility in Planning.

Profit vs. Revenue Maximization

Prioritize your demand based on Margin. OptimalBalance tracks all costs to determine which orders should be prioritized.

Price Optimization

Leverage Math Model to figure out pricing strategy for your product and services. Time phased costs can be fed into the model for calculating suggested price.  

Capacity Planning

Every business want to utilize all its resource to maximum capacity. By identifying under utilization your marketing team can plan on promotions to increase sales during the dip periods.

Multi Echelon Inventory

Carrying too much inventory would require more operating cost. OptimalBalance will recommend procurements based on dependent demand plus the buffer you setup.   

Production Planning

Optimal Balance can be leveraged to to optimized production planning based on profit maximization as the objective.     

Finance Driven Planning

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Set your Time Phased Margin Targets. Prioritize your Demand.

Finance can set the margin targets for different periods differently. OptimalBalance will prioritize orders based on the setup

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Define your resource cost. Drive your capacity utilization.

Setting up resources cost will drive supply selection and resource utilization. You may have different plant with different manufacturing cost

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Foresee your revenue and profit margin.

OptimalBalance comes with financials reports for executing period, planning period and extended forecasting period.

Leverage Modern Capabilities

Scenario Planning. Endless Possibilities.

Scenario Planning

OptimalBalance allows to change any variable on both Supply and Balance side and get instead model output. This allows you to collaboratively work with your terms, make changes and see what orders are picked up and what gets dropped. What supply lines are leveraged. 

Interactive Plan Runs

OptimalBalance will get results instantly, thanks to memory based database engine at the backend. All the changes you make will be on Scenario plan. You will be able to see both your base plan and scenario plan side-by-side.

Compare Scenario

OptimalBalance allows you create any number of scenarios. You can make any plan as your base plan include a scenario plan as your base. You will see both plans next to each other as ordered rows.

Create Environments instantly

Leverage the recent cloud technology feature that allows zero-copy clone, duplicating entire plan with all its data in click of a button. This powerful feature will allow you create scenarios seamlessly. 

Share Scenarios with peers

Sharing your working plan with others is easy as granting access to your database. Your scenario is a complete operating plan which you can share with your peers.

Leverage Optimal Balance®. Drive your business based on facts.

Customer Receipts

What orders we are going to take in and what we are going to push it as backorders. This output can be feed into your sales order system for further processing. 

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Production Schedule

What to make, where to make and when to make. This output can be feed into your production planning system. 

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Vendor Purchase Orders 

If your Bills Of Material has material that needs to be made by an outside vendor, then OptimalBalance will raise POs automatically. 

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Supplier Purchase Orders

Based on the model output OptimalBalance produces supplier purchase orders. Orders are classified as firm orders and tentative orders for supplier visibility. Firm Purchase Orders will cover planning execution period. 

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Financial Forecast 

OptimalBalance generates Revenue and Profit Margin projections for the planning horizon. It also produces estimated working capital needed to procure and support production. 

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Logistics Appointments

OptimalBalance produce Plant to DC transportation appointments for your transportation company to plan scheduled stops. 

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