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Our Mission

To provide mathematical optimization platform to solve complex problems with many variables and constraints which will result in most efficient use of resources while minimizing cost, maximizing revenue and profit. This planning platform will allow formulating math models for customer specific use cases to achieve optimized solution leveraging any of the industry standard mathematical solvers.

Our Story

Optimal Balance is head quartered in Chicago. Parent company journey started in 2002 helping customers with ERP implementations. We helped many Fortune 500 companies implement ERP/CRM and Advanced Supply Chain solutions. We bring both business acumen and technology savviness to solve complex supply chain problems.


We strive to provide the best optimization solution.  Everything we do is it to optimize your business outcome and maximize your company’s productivity.

Optimal Balance solutions is based on Mathematical Model which finds optimal solution complemented with rules based engine to address unique customer needs.

We live in a dynamic market where speed, accuracy and efficiency are critical for corporate development and scale. And we believe that leveraging the power of advanced technology drives business transformation.

We are change agents at the core, companies implement our product typically go thru business process changes. Optimal Balance brings all your departments together to get an integrated business outcome.

We are in business for more than 25 years, we have put the brightest minds in business to solve complex business planning problems.

Al Kannan, Principal Partner

For 30+ years Al Kannan delivered solutions in ERP and Supply Chain Automation. As a serial entrepreneur since 2002 involved supporting systems integration projects for fortune 100 companies. In 2021 started a new startup Optimal Balance, it is a mathematical optimization platform for solving complex problems. He is focused on strategy, customer prospecting and engagement management.